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Use your profile, share your credentials, and meet all employer needs with one secure click.

Maximize your time by sharing all your required documents with LogisticsHR. Eliminate pulling documents from different sources and trying to adapt to the preferred format for uploading. LogisticsHR does the hard work for you!

For Employers

Outdated paper uploads and processing are a thing of the past.

Select the best candidates, their compliance documents, and improve organizational efficiency, giving you time to expand your business.

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Efficient, effective, and modernized automative technology securely streamlines onboarding and communication. LogisticsHR is quickly becoming the most trusted credential management tool for all business industries.

Profiles Created

A free comprehensive profile lets professionals manage their credentials, resume, and career.

Encrypted Credentials

Retain and recall all your documents from a secure digital wallet.

Profile Collaborations

From the start of the application process to the completion of onboarding, professionals and business owners work collaboratively to perfect the hiring process.

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