1. What is LogisticsHR?

LogisticsHR is the premier automated human resource onboarding business solution to resolve the administrative clutter and overload of documents. We streamline the onboard hiring and credential process to provide faster, easier, and controlled access to your information. One try and you’ll be amazed at the convenience and safety we seamlessly provide at your fingertips.

2. How does LogisticsHR work?

LogisticsHR believes every business owner should have an affordable human resource on autopilot. Here’s how our service works: • HR Autopilot takes over and delivers the critical HR practices every business need, including the digital resume process, completing electronic HR documents, uploading credentials, other valuable HR documents, video interviews, accessible employer-to-professional communicating, credential expiration alerts, and more. LogisticsHR is a human resource digital wallet providing automated human resource relief at your fingertips.

3. How much does LogisticsHR costs?

A full-time human resources department can cost over $6000 - $8000/per month. LogisticsHR is a month-to-month membership starting as low as $19 per month that you can cancel anytime.

4. Can LogisticsHR help my size business?

Whether you have one employee or 1000+ employees, LogisticsHR has the perfect HR Automation Software for your business.

5. I do not see my business industry listed. How will I register my specific company's industry and/or job titles?

LogisticsHR will add you company's industry and job position titles. Contact LogisticsHR at support@LogisticsHR.org.