Automate Your Human Resource Experience

Enhanced Processes

New streamlined services & action plans to enhance your appeal to professionals.

Automation Simplified

Put you internal processes on autopilot.

Supremely Designed

Providing tools to correctly structure your onboarding experience.

A Proven Process

Eliminate hours of administrative tasks in just a few minutes, and with little to no training.

Revamping HR Through Automation

LogisticsHR can be used in any organization that cares about the candidate's onboarding experience as well as the employer's search for the best qualified professional. LogisticsHR can accelerate your application, onboarding, and communication experience so you can focus on building successful relationships.

Your Digital Wallet

LogisticsHR is primarily concerned with the safekeeping of your personal information. Your data is safe, secure, and at your fingertips, while being reliably protected in an encrypted digital wallet.

From Anywhere at Anytime Using Any of Your Devices

LogisticsHR was designed for the on-the-go companies and professionals. Trust LogisticsHR for all of your HR automation needs from any and all devices.

Credential Expiration Notifications & Messaging

Make the best out of our technology at your fingertips and rid yourself of the endless mounds of paper. Receive alerts via email or text when your credentials are expiring.

Restore the Value of Your Time

Short on time with places to go and things to do?

LogisticsHR ends the need to have the same conversations repeatedly. Easily share your information with any employer while you carry on with the business of your day.

Video Conference From the Comfort of Your Home or Office

The Flexibility to Virtually Meet from Anywhere

LogisticsHR is a riveting hybrid experience that can occur in any space to bring people together virtually. Capitalize on the benefits of this platform from anywhere and at your convenience without time restraints.

The Comfort of Secured Data

Your privacy is encrypted & optimized in one place.

From text messages and emails to the complete onboarding experience, your data is safe, secure, and at your fingertips, while being reliably protected in an encrypted digital wallet. .